This Monday morning a new environmental volunteer day, “I take care of my river” in the city of Río Cuarto in the sector of North Coast Weir.

The activity was led by the person in charge of Infrastructure and Public Spaces, Alberto Garavaglia; the board member of the Córdoba Joven Agency, Magalí Rojo; the delegate of Córdoba Sports, Joaquín De Haes and the undersecretary of Youth, Gonzalo Pastrana.

In addition, different areas of the provincial and municipal government, including the Córdoba Sports and Córdoba Youth Agencies; the Ministry of Public Services; and the Undersecretary of Youth of the Municipality of Río Cuartoamong other.

Volunteer attendees were divided into groups throughout the length and breadth of the North waterfront and they collected covers, bottles, household appliance waste, mattresses, among other waste.