The Multisectoral Wetlands (MH) demanded from the plenary of Commissions of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, a specific date for the treatment of the Wetlands Law, at the request of the heads of blocks to “postpone indefinitely” the meeting.

The MH reported that “unfortunately, a request signed by the head and heads of blocks (of the Lower House) entered to postpone the plenary session of commissions indefinitely.” Thus, the organization demanded that the signatory legislators “have a prompt and specific date for the plenary session of the commissions for the wetland law. For this law that the citizens have already expressed that they need and built it throughout the Argentine territory,” he maintains.

“Regulation and prevention to guarantee the integration of production with environmental conservation. Wetlands law now! Consensus project,” the environmentalists claim. After pointing out that “despite so much damage, deputies still do not give a date to the plenary session”, the MH says that the apocalyptic images of ecocide in dance are multiplying.

Likewise, it is added that “from the sister organizations of Paraná they expressed that the air was unbreathable. The fire in Santa Fe Islands could be seen from the city. In San Pedro the same, intoxicating air with direct affectation to the entire population.”

“The losses and pains are ours, the gains and joys belong to the ecocides who consider the regulations of the practices “limits to production”, and the policy that signs and works to lock the consensual law, the law of the people”, HM finished.