Andrea Ghidone joined the list of artists who passed through our open-air television set “Espacio Canal C”, located in the heart of the city of Villa Carlos Paz. The actress is doing a season with the cast of “Sex recargado”, the play directed by José María Muscari that can be enjoyed at the Melos Theater in Villa Serrana, in this context she spoke about the work she has been doing and told us everything about the new proposal they have prepared for this summer season.

“The staging of José Luis (producer of the play) has been very strong, not only because of the number of artists he summoned for this product on this occasion, but also for what was the adaptation of the theater, where the proposal is to involve the public and where the important thing is not only what happens on stage”began by recounting the dancer.

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In addition, Andrea Ghidone told us what the work offers and what is the reaction of the viewers to this new proposal. “Something wonderful happens, as the play goes on, people begin to gain confidence and join that proposal that Sex has very clearly, which seeks to break stereotypes and that you can encourage yourself to live that experience a little more mentally free, allowing you to fully enjoy.

In “Sex Recargado” you can also enjoy a tango scene headed by Andrea Ghidone and Flor Marcasoli, in this regard the dancer said: “tango has been my companion in recent years. My proposal is embodied in a tango character that I have called ‘Madame tango'”. However, this is not the only number in which the dancer will shine, she will also dance the pipe and other disciplines.