Euge Quevedo is living his best professional moment, he has been shining with the LBC and has done some collaborations with other quarteteros, like the one he recently did with Nacho, the singer of Q Lokura.

Now, the singer published a post with another artist on her social networks and her fans are excited about a possible collaboration between the two. The photo that Euge Quevedo shared was with Magui Olave, another of the leading women of the quartet.

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If it’s about paving, we’ve found each other”wrote the LBC singer along with several photographs of the two of them smiling in front of the camera. “Hahahahahahaha God Raised us and the wind hit us head on!!!!!”Ulises Bueno’s cousin responded to the post.

The publication garnered more than 22,000 “likes” and thousands of messages from both fans. “Is there a great song coming?” “There is a theme of both hopefully”, “Is something coming???😮”, ” Is feat coming? 😏😉😉”, are some of the comments that can be read from fans.