Eugenia Quevedo has been going through her best artistic moment with La Banda de Carlitos. The artist joined the band led by Kesito at the end of 2021, from then on she has accompanied the team in all the dances she has performed in Córdoba and in the interior of the province. In this way, she has managed to win the hearts of the Iberian public, who have let her know by dedicating numerous messages of affection through the networks.

However, in the last few hours some rumors began to circulate about the singer’s departure from LBC. In principle, they affirm that the young woman would begin a new link with La Barra, the group led by Javier la Pepa Brizuela.

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In this context, Eugenio Quevedo made a video clarifying his current situation. Through an Instagram story, Fran Fernández, musician of the band, shared a video with Euge where the singer denied the comments circulating about it. “Neither Pepa nor anyone called me, I have no idea of ​​anything, but hey,” said the cuartetera, and in this way she brought peace of mind to the fans of the band.