The dances of the LBC together with Euge Quevedo mobilize hundreds of fans of the quartet in any place where they play. The band lives one of the best moments since they incorporated the artist so that she goes up with them to each stage in which they perform.

The shows they offer are a true party where the followers of the musicians dance, sing and take the opportunity to have a drink during the night. However, in the last few hours, a video in which an LBC fan is seen sleeping on the floor while the artists were singing on stage went viral on TikTok. When Euge Quevedo became aware of the situation, he was immediately concerned about the young man, he took the microphone and asked if he was alright.

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“It sucked or what the… happened”, Euge asked. And immediately afterwards he affirmed that the young man had fallen asleep, “ahh the dance was boring,” he said while he laughed at the situation he was experiencing. Other fans began to talk to the young man to get up, finally he woke up, grabbed the glass that was next to him and continued dancing as normal. “That one is worse than me”, sentenced Quevedo.

Watch the video here: