This March 18, a new edition of the Picada Serrana Festival passed through Villa Carlos Paz, an event that celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day, which took place on March 17. It is organized by ASHOGA (Hotel and Gastronomy Association) and originated from a ticket that went viral in 2020 for “being expensive”.

In dialogue with Canal C, the president of ASHOGA, Leonardo “Tati” González celebrated the large turnout for the event. “This third edition gives us joy again. A lot of people have come together. The stands with different food are beautiful, both here and in the new sector that we expanded on the Paseo de los Artesanos, where a stage was set up for artists and a food court”, Gonzalez noted.

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“This festival was born by and for the city, it is not owned by anyone but belongs to the city of Villa Carlos Paz, and that is how the downtown merchants understood it, who, in addition to those of us who usually work preparing it, have joined. To they are our thanks too” sumo.

It should be remembered that the summer season was extremely fruitful for the main city of Punilla, something that is crowned at its close with the aforementioned event. “It does not generate a hotel movement but it does generate a gastronomic movement, which is very important”Gonzalez stressed.

From ASHOGA they told that there was “Three scenarios simultaneously, two food courts and the Picada Salada y Dulce as main protagonists”, and that there was a “Circus show by the Piskui circus and a musical offer with more than 20 bands on stage”. Look at the note: