The City of Buenos Aires pays tribute to Carlos “La Mona Jiménez” with a free open-air show in front of the Obelisk this Sunday, May 29, to celebrate his 55-year career with the quartet

The recital will begin at 5:00 p.m. with an opening band that was selected from an online contest with groups from all over the country. At 7:00 p.m., on the emblematic monument of the people of Buenos Aires, a two-sided mapping will be projected with images of Juan Carlos Jiménez Rufino, who turned 71 in January.

It is estimated that the show will last approximately 90 minutes and among the songs that can be enjoyed will be the classics “Kiss by Kiss”, “Bouquet of violets”, “El Federal” and “Who has drunk all the wine”.

“I want to thank the City of Buenos Aires for this tribute in life that they pay me in the Obelisk, and also the people, with all my heart. Thinking of enjoying being in such an emblematic place with all the people is very exciting. In addition, there is always someone who is going to see me for the first time expanding the public because I am an old young man, “said the artist.

The recital of La Mona will be broadcast live through for the entire country. Are you going to miss it? Cordovan pride!