The Government announced this Thursday the main characteristics of the Fair Prices program, which it will launch today and will cover 1,500 products made by a hundred companies Around a hundred companies participate in the agreement, representing 86% of mass consumption in the country and between which include Molinos, Coca Cola, Unilever, Quilmes, Mastellone, AGD, Ledesma and Las Marías, among others.

The agreement consists of two axes: On the one hand, the products that will remain with fixed prices enter the program at a price up to 4% higher than the average registered during the month of October 2022 and will remain stable for the next 120 days.

On the other hand, the rest of the products sold by the companies that join the program will have a monthly increase guideline of up to 4% for the same 120 days in the sale price to supermarkets and wholesalers.

It will be for 120 days from the signing of the agreements and will apply throughout the country. It contains more than 1500 products at a fixed price of warehouse, dairy, cleaning, perfumery, personal care and hygiene, baby items, fresh products and beverages.

The Ministry of Commerce prepared a specific signage of Fair Prices so that supermarkets indicate clearly and precisely which products are covered by the measure. It will be visible on supermarket shelves.

What will happen to Care Prices? From the signing of these agreements, Fair Prices absorbs the products included in Care Prices.

Consumers will be able to consult the products and commercial chains adhered to the program by entering here starting this Friday or through a mobile application, available on Android and IOS, in addition to two chatbots for the retail channel (+54 9 11 2879 0887 ) and wholesaler (+54 9 11 2524 4728).

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