“A place to dream” ended its fourth season with more doubts than certainties, the last thing that was seen of the series is that Melinda Mel Monroe became pregnant, thus achieving one of her biggest dreams, however she is not sure who she is the father of her baby, her late husband or Jack, her new love? Although the latter is happy about the news, she begins to wonder if that child is his.

What is known about season 5?

The fifth season, which was filmed between July and November of last year, will arrive in 2023 between the months of June or July. Although fans of the series will be able to enjoy previews of the new episodes in April or May of this year.

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The new season will have a total of 12 chapters that will be written by the new showrunner along with screenwriters Jackson Sinder, Talia Gonzalez, Tesia Joy Walker, Erin Cardillo, Richard Keith, Thomas Ian Griffith, Mary Page Keller, John Lowe and Ildiko Susany.

“We get into things that will be new and exciting, but still feel like the same show, but we’re definitely taking a more exciting approach to some of the stories. A little louder, but not detracting from the comfort of the show. I want it to feel like season five is next level,” Smith told Glamor magazine.