There is only one week left before a new edition of the discount event called Cyber ​​Monday begins, which will offer a series of discounts in Argentine e-commerce covering the main brands in the country. In total there are more than 1,050 firms that will offer discounts on their products, and it is organized by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE).

The Cyber ​​Monday official page explains that during the three days of the event “users will be able to find discounts for the most important e-commerce brands in the country, and that “The objective is that e-commerce can continue to grow and thus increase the number of online buyers, and that users can search and find, on the official page of Cyber ​​Monday Argentina, offers from the official stores that participate in the event”. Although the sale has not yet been enabled, it is possible to enter the website to find out which brands will be offering offers .

A novelty of this edition is that the installment program Now 30 will be included. In principle, the financing plan would be available for “some technology and electro products“, explained the director of Institutional Affairs of the CACE, Gustavo Sambucetti.

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It should be remembered that according to official data, 1,023 brands participated in the 2021 edition, which met the orders of 3.3 million users who made purchases for a total amount of 38,000 million pesos.

Some recommendations to have a successful purchase and really take advantage of the offers:

  1. Verify before making the purchase online that it is a “Secure website”the url must start with ‘https://’ instead of the ‘http://’ of traditional pages.
  2. Check the prices of the items to buy on different websitesin this way reference prices are obtained and price ignorance is reduced.
  3. Check the prices of the product you are interested in the days before the start of the eventto verify that a reduction is actually being made.
  4. Request and save the ticket or invoice for your purchaseremember that it is the best legal way to prove the link with the business and it will also be the necessary document to make it easier to enforce the guarantee.
  5. If you are going to pay with credit or debit cards, they cannot make surcharges (debit or credit up to 1 payment in installments have to charge you the same as if you paid in cash).
  6. You have the possibility of repenting. The companies in their web pages or applications must have published the link called “Repentance Button”, through which the consumer may request the revocation of the acceptance of the purchased product or contracted service, it must be found on the main page.
  7. Remember that You have 10 days to cancel the purchase and return the product to the company. It is important that you always keep the packaging in perfect condition.
  8. Access the pages of the stores participating in the event only through the official site:
  9. I set a delivery dateIf the company does not comply with it after 15 days, you can file a complaint.
  10. Always check the terms and conditions of discounts defined for credit cardsfind out if there are fixed limits that could limit your discount
  11. You have the possibility of “undo the purchase” and return the product (without indicating the cause) within 10 calendar days, from receipt of the same, and you cannot be charged any fine or charge for exercising this right.