The companies announced their offers and packages. It is worth remembering that to safely access purchases, you should only enter the Hot site.


Take off: In domestic trips, there will be 12 installments without interest. In addition, for all those who want to enjoy the snow season in Bariloche, Ushuaia and San Martín de los Andes, they will be able to take advantage of exclusive promotions with benefits for hotel reservations and ski center services. Finally, on May 30 and 31, Despegar will be participating in the Live Shopping organized by CACE and hosted by Julian Weich, where they will offer unique discounts and contests through social networks.

Almundo: The travel and tour package company Almundo will offer air promotions at the best price wow to Disney, Cancun, Santiago de Chile, Barcelona, ​​Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Miami, London, New York and more destinations for your trip. There will also be offers of hotels and cheap tourist packages to Bariloche, Ushuaia, Mendoza, Iguazú, Punta Cana. In addition, there will be a wide variety of offers with rates in air promotions for the most important destinations in the United States, Europe, Brazil and the Caribbean with large discounts. For those who want a unique experience touring Argentina in Car Rental, you will also find the best prices in installments without interest! The time to put together your trip with Almundo is now. Buy at Hot Sale Almundo with great discounts.

Catch it: The proposals in this case will be based on the winter holidays. In addition, they can be used by those who are thinking about their 2023 vacations. As indicated, all groups and sectors will be able to access. “We have great offers and packages for those who choose the snow, but we are also going to have options for those who choose the beach with offers mainly to the Caribbean and Brazil,” they said.


We Work: Co-working company We Work will launch the All Access “On Fire” Promotion, a discount on the price of the All Access Membership, which gives access to all participating WeWork locations. The price will be up to USD 100, up to 3 months. All Access is the membership offered by the company, so that people can reserve a space in any of the more than 700 buildings globally, offering telephone booths, common areas, outdoor spaces and meeting rooms, among other services. .

Qualia: The Qualia insurer reported that, by taking out Home, bike or Notebook insurance, it will offer a 50% discount for six months.

Grabr: The app that allows you to buy abroad and receive these products in our country from the hand of a traveler. Grabr will unite the Hot Sale with Memorial Day in the US, with discounts of up to 50% off in US stores. Big chains like Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, and Sephora offer aggressive discounts on gadgets, technology, apparel, toys, and more. Mac Books Air, iPads airs (4th generation) or makeup palettes from Sephora can be purchased from our country with Grabr, with the option of paying in cash or with a debit or credit card in pesos and in up to 12 installments, with very low interest.

Ualá: The fintech will launch “Hot Ualá”, a series of benefits that will include a diverse proposal of options.

Flybondi; Disc, Jumbo and See; Bangho; OnClick; Fresh 2 Home; Coderhouse. There will also be discounts at Whirlpool, Samsung, Musimundo, Megatone Digital, Coppel and Dafiti.

Bigbox: The leading company in gifts of experiences will participate with discounts of up to 60%. Among the courses, there is: InversiónOnline Academy, to learn about personal finances. Regarding experiences, it is offered: Parachute in Chascomús, where people will live 45 seconds of free fall in a flight; XL Night Flight, which allows you to take off from an airport at sunset; Manauara Alpine Cabin, deep into the amazing nature of El Tigre; and Meliá Buenos Aires, a space to enjoy good massages in the heart of the City of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, those who want to give something delicious can take advantage of: In & Out Sushi (Sushi-go-round or sushi train) and Kirá Café.

home and pets
Puppis: The chain of pet products stores will have 40 super combos on offer in the food, accessories, hygiene and toys categories, including discounts of up to 30%. It will also include discounts of up to 40% OFF and up to 50% OFF on the 2nd unit on selected products from the categories of food, accessories, hygiene, snacks and spoons.

Blancoamor: The Neuquén retail chain will offer up to 60% OFF and 18 installments without interest in the following products of its authorship: Eames chairs; Tolix benches and Eames table. Also in armchairs, mattresses and pillows.

health and cosmetics
Avon: The cosmetics company Avon will have discounts of up to 70%. In makeup, it will offer 2 for 1 and up to 60% off on selected products; exclusive packs; and discounts of up to 50% off in the Power Stay premium line, which is non-transferable and long-term; including Lip Tint, the latest product to join the franchise; and up to 55% off on the Ultra line. In this way, there will be 50% off on the 2nd lipstick, 30% off on beauty, 2 for 1 on perfumes and emarc on the eve of Father’s Day and free shipping for purchases over $2,000.

Natura: Natura expects to exceed one million visits to its website and will offer discounts of up to 50% off its perfume, body, makeup, face and spare parts products. It will also have 3×2 and 2×1 throughout the site, 80% discount on the second unit of selected products, exclusive promotions from your APP and free shipping on purchases over $5,500.

Bowen: The Bowen clothing brand will offer, between May 30 and June 5, extending the Hot Sale to Hot Week, discounts of between 20 and 30% on its garments. In addition, on Tuesday, May 31 and Saturday, June 4, it will have free shipping for its customers.

Home appliances
Longvie: The Longvie appliance firm will offer up to a 25% discount, interest-free installments and shipments throughout the country on stovetop and oven combos. In addition, it will extend its offers to other lines, such as washing machines, washing machines, kitchens, heaters, hot water tanks, heaters and sustainable heating kits. Up to a 25% discount will be offered, which can also be paid in up to 12 installments without interest, added to the important attraction of receiving the products at home anywhere in the country without shipping charges.

Cetrogar: The chain of household items and technology will once again join the event. On this occasion, significant discounts, limited-time promotions, super offers, up to 18 interest-free installments with bank cards and credits from the firm itself will be available. In this Hot Sale, the proposal will be aimed at two key ranges: on the one hand, the Smart TV line, and on the other, taking advantage of seasonality, heating products (electric panels, stoves, heaters and convectors, among others). ).

Electrolux Group: The multinational corporation will have up to 30% off and 12 installments without interest on selected products.

Gafa: The brand will offer up to 25% off and 12 installments without interest on selected products, and 18 installments without interest on selected products. Among them: Refrigerator No Frost Electrolux DFN3500B White 303lts; Electrolux PowerMop+ MOP11 Floor Steamer; and Refrigerator with freezer GAFA HGF367AFP Silver 330 lts.

DAY: The supermarket chain will have 2-for-1 promotions on beverages, refrigerators and personal care items and up to 40% discount on breakfast and cleaning products. DIA will have exclusive promotions during the 3 days of the event: 30% in Plan Zeta de Tarjeta Naranja and 4 installments without interest, 15% discount paying with money in a Mercado Pago account for new payers and 20% discount paying with Mercado Crédito for first credits. In addition, customers will be able to take advantage of current banking promotions, being able to save up to 30% with Banco Macro, Galicia, Supervielle and Banco Nación, to mention the most important banks. The Mondelez food company will offer different discounts depending on the chains where its products are purchased. There will be discounts of up to 50%.

Orders Now: The featured promotions for this edition of Hot Sale are:

At OrdenesYa Market: 2×1 on selected beverage products, chocolate milk, oral care products, alfajores, chocolates, wafers and more. Up to 40% off on personal care products

Restaurants: up to 50% off on selected products. The featured promotions in this section include restaurants such as Deniro with 30% off on its Sos Chicken burger with fries, Wendy’s presented 35% off on the Son of baconator burger with fries, KFC offers 40% off on 2 Super Crunch with fries, Mustard is added with its Crispy Deluxe Chicken Combo at 40% off, Burger King also with 40% on the double meat burger, double cheese with fries and McDonald’s presents up to 50% off on the best combos. On the other hand, the Grido ice cream parlor has a 50% discount on half a kilo of ice cream and Starbucks sends a Marble Loaf Cake as a gift with the purchase of the coffee of the day.

Source: Scope