By Lucia Cabral.

How to get?

The fastest way is by taking Line D and getting off at the Congreso de Tucumán Station. There they will wait for you more than 10 blocks to walk since for the moment they have cut several blocks to avoid traffic jams in the area and the public can walk calmly towards their corresponding sector of the Monumental. It is advisable to bring water and comfortable clothing.

Other ways are through the following bus lines: 42, 107, 28, 15, 29 and 30, which take between 30 and 50 minutes to reach Barrio Nuñez. Trains are another option if you go with time to spare, you can take the Miter train that goes from Retiro to Tigre and get off at Nuñez Station. As a last alternative, you have the Belgrano Norte Station Train that goes from Retiro to Villa Rosa and you can get off at the Ciudad Universitaria Station.

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Accesses to enter the Stadium according to my ticket

Keep in mind that the perimeter of all the surrounding streets will be fenced to make the entry way safer.

FRONT FIELD: along Av. Lídoro J. Quinteros street (MARATÓN GATE)

BACK FIELD: by Av. Del Libertador street (DOORS XYZ)


PLATEA BELGRANO: by Av. Guillermo Udaondo street (GATE S)

PLATEA ALTA BELGRANO: by Av. Guillermo Udaondo street (QR DOOR)

FRONT FIELD: by Av. Monroe street (GATE G)

PLATEA ALTA SAN MARTÍN: by Av. Figueroa Alcorta street (GATE EF)


SAN MARTÍN HIGH PLATEA: by Av. Monroe street (DOOR D; 1,2 and 3)



What time do the doors open to enter? Can I collect my tickets the same day of the show?

The doors open at 5:00 p.m. to enter, but keep in mind that you must have your tickets on hand so that they register it for the first time and check your backpack. The exact time to go varies according to the sector of your ticket. If you have the VIP field or front field sector and you want to be close, we recommend you go a few hours before the doors open.

The ticket office opens at 2:00 p.m., so if you haven’t picked up your ticket yet, you can do so right away. The address of the ticket office is at Estadio Obras (Av.Libertador 7339).

Do you sell Coldplay merchandise? How much does it cost?

The official merchandising of the band is inside the Stadium. Once you have entered you will find 20 positions of their official merch. T-shirts, divers, posters, caps, bracelets, cloth bags.

Here are the prices:

Adult T-shirt $7000

$6000 child shirt

Diver $12000

Kangaroo diver $15000

Cap $6000

Poster $2500

Bracelet $1500

Cloth bag $3000

Outside the stadium you can find people selling t-shirts and other unofficial items, ranging from $2,500 t-shirts to $500 posters.

Can I enter with drinks and/or food? Are there food stalls inside?

You will not be able to enter with drinks or food. Everything must be bought inside the Stadium since there are food stalls such as donuts, hot dogs, hamburgers, meat sandwiches, kiosks and others. Both the price of drinks and food vary from $600 and up. On the other hand, there are different hydration stations.

When do I get the wristbands? Do I have to activate them? Do they have to be returned once the show is over?

Recyclable wristbands are delivered once you scan your ticket. They activate themselves once the show has started and you must return them at the end of it.

Are there openers before Coldplay?

Yes. At 7:00 p.m., Zoe Gotusso, from Cordoba, begins her show and from 7:55 p.m. onwards, the R&B singer HER will hit the stage. Finally, at 9:15 p.m., the British band’s show begins.

At the end of the show, is it easy to find a means of transport to return?

As several streets are closed for the show, some bus lines stop passing through the areas around the Monumental. The best thing to do when it is night is to ask for a Cabify, Taxi or Uber. (The price taking any of these options to El Obelisco is $2,500 and up). The other option is to walk from Av. Del Libertador to Av. Cabildo where you will find several bus lines to take according to your destination.