Finally, since last Friday, Argentines were able to start registering to maintain electricity and gas subsidies. We leave you a series of keys to take into account when registering for energy segmentation.

1.Who should register??

Any and all Argentines who wish to continue to maintain the subsidies that the State gives to gas and electricity services and who meet the following requirements:

-Be Over 18 years.

-Headlines either users from service.

-Owners, tenants or residents of the address of the services

People with a civic book or enrollment book must take a turn at the National Social Security Administration (Anses) to complete the application in person at a “Comprehensive Care Unit” (UDAI).

2. Where should I do the procedure?

The Registry of Access to Energy Subsidies (RASE) can be accessed on the page or through the Mi Argentina application.

You will be able to complete the form on the dates indicated below according to the number with which your DNI ends:

0 – 1 – 2: between fifteen and the July 19.

3. 4. 5: between twenty and the July 22.

6 – 7 – 8 – 9: Come in 23 and the July 26.

3. What things should I have on hand?

-The meter number and the Customer/Service/Account/Contract or NIS number that are on your electricity and natural gas bill by network. Find out where to find the numbers.

-last copy of your ID.

-The CUIL number of each member of the household over 18 years of age.

-The out-of-pocket income of each household member over 18 years of age.

-An e-mail address.

-If there is a community canteen or picnic area registered with ReNaCOM at the service address, have the registration number handy.

4. From when does the segmentation begin to be applied?

In principle, the segmentation will take effect from August 1. Users categorized in the highest segment will no longer receive subsidies and will have to pay an increase in services, however the removal of subsidies will be gradual and the full cost of the rate will only be paid at the end of the year.

5. What information should I complete in the form?

The data includes: Name and surname, DNI, number of the DNI procedure, CUIL, Gender, Date of Birth, Socioeconomic data, Employment status and Contact data. Also the domicile declared by the user, as well as the relationship with the same (owner, tenant), provide data on the electricity and gas services and the group living in the declared domicile.

6. What will the income categorization look like?

high segment: This group declares to have a total monthly household income of more than $350,000 (the equivalent of 3.5 type 2 basic baskets, according to INDEC), to have 3 or more vehicles less than 5 years old, 3 or more properties or a boat or aircraft. They are high income users.

middle segment: This group declares total monthly household income between $100,000 and $350,000, does not own more than 3 properties and does not have 2 or more vehicles less than 5 years old. They are middle-income users.

social segment: This group states that they have total monthly household income equivalent to $100,000 (1 basic basket type 2 according to INDEC), have less than 2 properties or do not own any, and do not have a vehicle less than 3 years old. They are low-income users.

7. What happens if I don’t register within the period that I was entitled to?

The registration to access the subsidies in the rates of natural gas and electricity services will be available throughout the month of July, clarified the Secretary of Energy, Darío Martínez. Those who do not do so on the stipulated date and those who lack a mobile device, computer or Internet access to register online, will be able to obtain the Energy Segmentation form through a shift to do the face-to-face procedure at the Anses offices throughout July. .

To access the face-to-face shift, users must go to an office of the pension agency, with the last bill for the gas or electricity service or the following information: meter and customer number, service, account, contract or NIS that are on the bill. electricity and natural gas through the network.

8. What happens if I don’t register?

Users included in Level 3, of average income, who do not register will lose the subsidies. While users with a social rate do not need to enter their data to maintain the benefit.