El Mandamás opened “La Mona Museo Bar” last Saturday, on a night where the press, friends of the singer and his family were present to accompany Jiménez in what was for him a dream come true. The finishing touch to the night was when Mona Jiménez climbed onto a small stage set up in the museum to sing some of her classics.

After that inauguration, finally on Monday it was open to the public. Here we tell you everything you need to know.

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Location and reservations: the Museo Bar de la Mona Jiménez is located at Rafael Núñez 4791. Reservations must be made in advance by entering here

Everything you need to know to visit the Mona Jiménez Bar Museum • Channel C
La Mona Jiménez with her family at the opening of the museum bar.

entrance fee

The entrance to the ground floor of the museum has no cost, only what is consumed in the bar is charged, which must be attended only with prior reservation. Meanwhile, to enter the first floor of the room, you must pay the right to show, which has a value between $500 and $2,200 per person, it varies according to the show that there is.

On Thursdays there will be an “after office monero” where El Clan will always play with a guest singer, the value of the ticket is $1000.

Everything you need to know to visit the Mona Jiménez Bar Museum • Channel CEverything you need to know to visit the Mona Jiménez Bar Museum • Channel C
La Mona Jiménez singing at the inauguration of the Bar Museum.

The shows of the first week:

Tuesday 13 and 27: Micky Rodríguez ticket value $500

Tuesday 20: De la Rivera entrance fee $500

Wednesday 14: DJ Pricha ticket value $500

Every Thursday, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.: the La Mona band with a guest singer. Entrance fee: $1,000

Thursday night: Lore Jiménez ticket value $500

Friday: China ink ticket value $500

Saturday: The show of El Clan value of the ticket $1000

Bar Prices

Show dinner: You can enjoy some appetizers such as the “Tabla Tunga Tunga”, a table to share with a variety of cold cuts that costs $1,950 or the “Buñuelos de Esilda” at $700.

As a main dish you can choose between two varieties of choripan, a beef sandwich or a salad. Prices range from $800 to $1,200.

Snack combos: There are four variety of combos ranging from $750 to $1100. Some include a bowl of yogurt with fruit, toast and avocado or different cold cuts.

Mains and side dishes: Prime Pass prices range from $800 to $2,790. You can find chicken on the disc, milanesa of chorizo ​​steak, ravioli, lamb among others. Meanwhile, the side dishes have a cost that starts at $430 up to $550.

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