The artistic group La Mirada Vegetal invites you to participate in an expanded film session where the video work “Badaliya” by Rosana Fernández will be screened with sound in a live improvisation session by Ana González Gamboa (Ecuador) cello, Hernán Hayet ( Buenos Aires) bass and samples, Luciana Bass (Rosario) Guitar and Constanza Pellicci (Córdoba) voices.

The minimalist sound installation, woven around feedback, is an invitation to journey through permanence in a self-regenerating sound space. Larsen is an intervention for a multichannel system of microphones and speakers linked together. A warp of sound layers in constant fluctuation that inhabit and cross the space-time dimension.

The invitation is made!

Organize @la.mirada.vegetal at @mansa_mansión
Rio Ceballos, San Lorenzo 240.
Saturday, December 3, 8:00 p.m.