show beach is a classic of the mountains and in 2023 it will celebrate 25 years in the air. In this season, just as it happened in 2022, the Parador de Showsport Group will be located in a privileged place as it is The CISPREN Journalist’s Housein Villa del Lago.

A unique space, almost 2 hectares with a swimming pool, grills, a multi-sports area, games for children, a pier, barbecue areas, and a large adventure games area such as an arena and a zip line. All this makes it the best parador of the summer in Carlos Paz!

As is classic in every summer, on Saturdays it will be recorded Show Beach TVthe program of Showsport in which artists from the different plays of Carlos Paz, athletes and music bands participate.

And this season, add the actor to the team Matias Alewho will lead the program together with Laura Loforteone of the representative figures of the channel. Show Beach TV It is the most important summer program in the mountains and, like 25 years ago, it will be broadcast on Sundays at 8:00 p.m. on Showsport.

Matias Ale He was very enthusiastic about this new stage of his career: “I am very grateful that they thought of me for this proposal. I am happy because it is a pleasure to co-host with Laura (Loforte) a program in which I was a guest for many years and I always loved it, I had a great time. So for me to be a part of Showbeach is a blessing.”

For its part, Luis Schenone, President of Channel Showsport, expressed: “It is a great pleasure for us to be able to carry out Showbeach at La Casa del Periodista for the second consecutive year. It is a unique place in which we will all be able to enjoy. Our thanks to CISPREN for trusting once again in this inn that is a summer classic in Carlos Paz”.

show beach It will open in January 2023 and will be an excellent alternative to enjoy the holidays in the mountain village

Explode summer at the Parador Showbeach!  • Channel C
Josefina Aiassa (Channel C); Luis Schenone (Showsport); Matias Ale; Laura Loforte – Photo: 1.4 Producer