ANSES announced an extra payment for the Universal Child Allowance and Universal Pregnancy Allowance through the “Thousand Days” Program. Starting in April, beneficiaries of either of these 2 plans will receive a bonus of 800 pesos per month.

In the case of the AUE, it is extended to cover from 6 months to 9 months and in the case of the AUH the amount is extended, being able to charge the extra 800 pesos for each child under three years of age.

Deposits are made automatically in the holder’s account upon termination of the DNI. In addition, there is an update every 3 months together with the Retirement Mobility Law, with which there will be a new increase in June.

The 1000 Days Plan also provides for free supplies during pregnancy and childhood such as essential medicines, vaccines, milk, food for growth and development.