In the middle of breakfast with his son, Fabio Gave Thomas chatted with nahuel farm about the premiere of “The hostel of the millions” and how each function lives in Villa Carlos Paz.

The actor assured that he is enjoying his stay at the town and that it is his first time working there. “We’re having a beautiful season, it’s my first at Carlos Paz and I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s my first season, I hope it’s not the last.”

Di Tomaso He confirmed that he had a good image of the seasons in the city thanks to the comments received by his colleagues, but thanks to working there, he was able to confirm it. “The people are divine, affectionate, they stay after the show, they are very grateful and considerate and there is always a party at each show, which is appreciated.”

The actor also mentioned the fans who come from different parts of the country to enjoy a moment with the cast, since in each performance they have interactive moments with the audience.

The play is directed by Patricia Palmer and stars Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, Laura Novoa, Sofía Pachano, Majo Martino, Claudio Fernández, Fabio Di Tomaso and Locho Loccisano.

The functions are from Tuesday to Sunday at 10pm in it Candilejas Theater.