Fabricio Rodríguez is from Villa María and has been a soloist for 10 years, today he is presenting his new album produced by one of the greatest artists in our country, Abel Pintos.

In Pato a la Mañana he chatted with Moni López and Pato, and told us how he began his career in the world of music. “Like most Argentine artists, we started with folklore, but I was always linked to other musical styles, for a long time of my musical career I dedicated myself to accompanying other artists as well. I always tried to nurture myself from other styles and not just pigeonhole myself in folklore, today I find myself making popular music”.

In relation to his new record, Fabricio expressed: “I am presenting a new album after a twenty-year career produced by Abel Pintos and Matías Zapata, I presented it very recently at the Teatro Opera. I am very happy with my present.”

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