This Thursday the national government agreed with companies to implement the Now 12 program for televisions ahead of the next World Cup, which will begin at the end of November this year.

Within this framework, Matías Tombolini, Secretary of Commerce, reached an agreement with the Association of Electronics Manufacturers of Tierra del Fuego (AFARTE) to promote the program with special financing for televisions.

According to reports, the program would be ready by mid-October. What remains to be defined would be what models will be offered, the number of installments and the interest rate. To get an idea, the average Annual Nominal Rate (TNA) of the Program is around 59.08% and has financing in 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 fixed installments.

In this way, it remains to be defined which models will enter this “program within the program”, although it is expected that, in addition to being domestically manufactured, it will not cover some excessively expensive products or with high-end features, so as not to facilitate the financing of consumption of high socioeconomic segments. The number of installments, in principle, would not exceed 12.