After the announcement by the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, the Secretary of Commerce finally made official the new list of products that will be part of the Fair Price basket until the month of June. It will have an initial increase of 9% to then be frozen as of March. Includes food, cleaning items, toiletries and personal hygiene.

The almost 2,000 basic necessities with fixed prices until the end of June account for around 14% of the total items that make up the Fair Prices basket. Through an app, you can scan the barcode of each product and find out if it is reached by measure; In addition, non-compliances may be reported.

“What this program intends is, by containing 86% of the products that Argentines consume, to give them two certainties: the first is that there are almost 50,000 products and the second that from February 1 to June 30 they will increase only 3 2% per month,” Massa said at the ceremony that took place at the Kirchner Cultural Center.

The products that will be frozen are the following: rice, long-life milk, conditioner, alcohol, baby cologne, disinfectant, bathroom cleaner, shampoo, whipped yogurt, preserves, sweet cookies, oatmeal drink, makeup remover towels, dishwasher, among others. . To consult the complete list of products and their prices, click here.

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Commerce sent the list this morning to the Asociación de Supermercados Unidos (ASU) and to each of the supermarket chains adhering to this program, so that starting tomorrow they begin to apply it. In one of the companies they affirmed that between this Thursday and Friday consumers will already be able to see the new prices in the gondolas.

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