The Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Family (SeNAF) summoned families from the Sierras Chicas region to apply to care for children “for a while”. “There are many boys and girls who are going through complex situations and need the intervention of the State to guarantee their rights. In these situations, the community, family groups, become essential allies for the comprehensive protection of rights”, explains SeNAF through a press release.

«Families for Families» It is a program of the Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Family (SeNAF) that integrates family groups willing to care for and contain for a time children who cannot remain in their groups of origin until the problem that caused their removal is resolved. .

There is no special type of family required

To participate, only availability and compliance with the evaluation steps to join the program are required. Families interested in applying can submit any configuration. Large, small, single-person, single-parent, same-sex, assembled families, etc. are suitable.

Be clear that it is not an adoption system

It is not an adoption program but care and temporary containment for girls and boys. The reason for fostering is to guarantee a temporary family environment for the child or adolescent and not to provide girls or boys to families who wish or seek to adopt.

Accompaniment of SeNAF

Professionals from the Secretariat will accompany and assist family groups during all stages of foster care. They will also have diapers and the social work Apros for them.

Families from Sierras Chicas are summoned to take care of children • Channel C

More information

If you want to know more in detail about the particularities of the program and the fostering process, we recommend you listen to the Families for Families podcast on the Spotify platform of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in Córdoba:

Director of Family Strengthening, Liliana Gaitán (click).

Sandra Modesto, Foster Family (click).


[email protected] (0351) 4343332

If you are from Río Ceballos, Salisipuedes or Unquillo, you can contact: [email protected]3512907178 – 3516867582 – (03543) 485136