Father’s Day (June 19) will mobilize sales in the coming days, especially in clothing, gastronomy and sports, and will be accompanied by promotions and financing through the Now 12 program, according to sources consulted by Télam.

“There are very good expectations for Father’s Day, people are turning to consumption in shopping malls, we have many commercial actions, bank discounts, actions with direct gifts for purchase and the Now 3 and Now 6 installments,” he told Télam the manager of the Argentine Chamber of Shoppings, Silvia Acerbo.

The sector has good expectations and project sales levels similar to 2019. At the moment, shopping malls perceive an increase in sales after the drop since the pandemic between 10% and 15% below in tickets and public compared to 2019.

“The most preferred are sports, technology and free time, it has to do with the changes in habits from the pandemic,” Acerbo remarked.

He estimated that the average ticket in street and avenue businesses could be between $3,000 and $4,000 and that in general it is preferred to finance with a credit card through the Now 12 program “a lot in 3 and 6 installments that have almost no interest and in some cases in 12 installments”.