The actress will continue her season at Carlos Paz, and will make a spectacular closing on March 12 in Cosquín, prior to her tour of Miami.

Espacio Canal C moved briefly to the Holiday Theater to be able to chat with the impersonator and actress Fátima Florez, who is having a spectacular season in Villa Carlos Paz until March 11, and who will end her summer at the Plaza Próspero Molina de Cosquín on March 12.

“It’s a lot, the delivery on stage is very great both physically and vocally. There is a lot of improvisation, games and going back and forth with the public. It’s almost two hours that one puts one’s body and soul into it, people enjoy it and appreciate it”says Florez.

In addition, the interpreter said that the assembly of each character “It takes a long time, it’s not overnight at all. It’s months of development for each character and then I’m going to perfect them”he pointed out, while highlighting the study of the personality of each person he imitates to make it as similar as possible.

Fatima also recounted that up to now, none of her imitators have gotten angry or made claims to her. “With political imitations, nobody ever got angry, from any party. It’s humor, dissemination, being present, it’s a mime, a tribute”he pointed. “I am very careful with makeup, detail”he added, while mentioning that each show is different thanks to the response of the public and the attendees who are invited to go on stage.

In addition, the artist announced that on July 22 she will debut with “Fátima es Mundial” in Miami at the Manuel Artime Theater.

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