The members of the Argentine band Los Caligaris made a drastic decision towards one of the members of the musical group. From this moment, the musician Federico Zapata is not part of the group. This surprising and forced departure from Zapata has its reasons, neither more nor less, in the context of the World Cup, which ended just this Sunday.

It happens that the former trombonist of Los Caligaris responded aggressively and violently, through Twitter, to a comment made by a journalist towards Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez.

It all started when Paco Villa, a Mexican journalist for ESPN, classified the Argentine goalkeeper as “the most despicable competitor in the world” for his vulgar gestures when receiving the award on the podium in Qatar. To which Zapata replied: “And you are different because of your envy, resentment, and for having a broken c*la. Stop crying, try American football or baseball, the best soccer players they have there are called foreigners, mar*ca”.

Faced with this episode, the Los Caligaris group took the immediate step of removing the musician from the band and publicly apologized on their networks to all the Mexican people.