After the fire that occurred in his apartment in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano, Felipe Pettinato would have been transferred to a mental health center called “Centro Dharma”, after suffering a psychotic outbreak on Monday night. Although the causes of the accident are unknown, the fire would have originated with an “igneous element capable of generating a free flame”, such as “a lighter, a match or paper previously prepared to be lit”.

It should be remembered that the person who was next to him, identified as Melchor Rodrigo, died from the fire. Experts indicated that his body died from burns and pulmonary hemorrhage. However, they pointed out that his legs were completely burned, so it is suspected that the victim would not have had the chance to run away.

In this way, in Show Partners (El Trece), the journalist Rodrigo Lussich said: “There would be an accusation for homicide in the next few hours and his legal situation is very complicated”.

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