This Tuesday began the long-awaited trial against Alan Amoedo, one that could change the treatment that the Cordovan justice gives to road accidents. After the statement of the only defendant, it was Fernanda Guardia’s turn to speak, the only survivor of what is called by some the “Circunvalación massacre.”

In a dialogue with the press, the young woman stated that the experience “was quite strong. They were quite strong days. Getting back into that moment when everything happened.” She considered that it was a “hopeful experience, because the fact is very clear. I live it very clearly. The evidence is convincing. It is very clear that we did everything well and unfortunately Alan (Amoedo) did not.”

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Regarding what Amoedo said in his statement, where he said that he apologized for the events, that he did not want to continue living and that if he could he would put himself in the place of the victims, Fernanda replied “that he pay with his life in prison if that is what he feels”. “I am not going to deposit hatred or a particular emotion with Amoedo. Here, justice transcends us all. It is important that the criminal code be rearranged so that these things do not continue to happen and that not everything that happens on the street is considered a accident,” he added.

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