Fernanda Iglesias told for the first time how she got along with Roberto Petinatto when they worked together in A perfect world. On the Ángel de Brito program, the journalist recounted an event that happened in 2009: “Once it happened to me that he (Pettinato), inside a dressing room, masturbated in front of me. A little strong, right? It seemed normal to him… We had come in to talk, he was very picky.”

She also assured that at no time did it occur to her to denounce him, since at that time she used to naturalize him. “On top of that, one has a good vibe because he is nice, just as you see him he makes jokes, to you he seems like a capo because he is a genius, you admire him at some point,” she said.

It should be remembered that Roberto Petinatto has been denounced for harassment by various figures such as Karina Mazzoco, Josefina Pouso, “La Chipi” and Fiorela Sargenti.