President Alberto Fernández summoned the governors to a meeting for Tuesday morning at the Casa Rosada to join forces and move forward with the political trial against the head of the Supreme Court of Justice, Horacio Rosatti.

The Head of State had anticipated that he would convene the leaders who accompanied “the National State in its petition against the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires” due to the ruling issued by the Supreme Court in favor of the Buenos Aires Government.

The war between the Nation and the City triggered when the Supreme Court issued a precautionary measure in favor of the City’s claim against the national Government for the deduction of more than one federal co-participation point in 2020 to assign it to the province of Buenos Aires . In this way, and unanimously, it provisionally returned 2.95% of the mass of co-participating funds.

In principle, Alberto Fernández refused to abide by the Court’s decision, which led to a sea of ​​criticism from the opposition. Although he relied on the governors, shortly after the president changed his mind and announced that he would comply with the precautionary measure, but would execute the payments with public bonds. Although the decision of the President of the Nation was rejected by the City through a statement.

Source: NA