The President of the Nation announced this afternoon that he will promote actions through the Ministry of Justice to determine if the articles of the reform in Jujuy are unconstitutional, as confirmed by Alberto Fernández himself through a conference he gave at Casa Rosada. His initiative came within the framework of the serious incidents registered in the province governed by Gerardo Morales as a result of the reform of the local magna carta.

Hernández urged Morales to “comply with international human rights standards,” warning that “it is our people and the world that are demanding that state violence end” in that province.

From the Casa Rosada Conference Room, Fernández announced that he had instructed the Ministry of Justice to “analyze and eventually promote the unconstitutionality actions of the articles of the reform” of the Magna Carta of Jujuy that “violate the National Constitution and the international deals”.

Also asked Morales “not to use the people” of that province as a “test bench of repression and looting that certain political sectors intend to carry out”, and affirmed that this administration will have the “support” of the national government if it decides to promote a dialogue.

Fernández reiterated the request for the president of Jujuy to “convoke the indigenous communities and all the social actors to find ways of dialogue to overcome the conflict that he has provoked with anti-democratic actions.”