After his decompensation as a result of erosive gastritis, President Alberto Fernández evolves favorably and has the endorsement of his medical staff to continue with the activities scheduled on the agenda for the last day in Bali, Indonesia.

Gabriela Cerruti, government spokesperson, assured: “The president rested and woke up well. His doctor controls him. Concerned like everyone here about what happened in Poland. He spoke with Santiago (Cafiero) and Sergio (Massa) about the issues of the day before that they go out to activities. After fasting yesterday, he had a light breakfast according to the medical prescription.”

Along the same lines, the unit in charge of evaluating the president’s health provided details of the new report: “It is hereby reported that the President of the Argentine Nation, Dr. Alberto Ángel Fernández, is progressing favorably and has resumed the schedule of activities prescribed and under proper medical supervision”.

Beyond the medical recommendations, the president promised to lower the intensity of his schedule that raises his stress levels, and to respect an adequate diet.

Source: NA