Shortly before beginning his act at the UOCRA (Construction Workers’ Union), President Alberto Fernández referred to the world economic conflict unleashed by the war in Ukraine and proposed to think about retentions as a tool to decouple the domestic price of food from international cost.

“The retentions are the decoupling instrument, but they are a legislative issue and I need Congress to understand it. We need food in Argentina to recover the internal price. We have to do something so that the internal prices are decoupled and the way is withholdings “, emphasized the head of state in radio statements.

He also took the opportunity to question the opposition’s role: “The leaders of the opposition went less than a month ago to make a tractor for the unexpected income tax that was only paid by rich people. Their votes are essential to make a modification of this nature” .

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At noon, the president led the act in front of the workers of the UOCRA, led by Esteban Echeverría, and pointed out that his government is fighting to “preserve” the gains achieved “since 1945.” For this reason, he asked the members of the Frente de Todos not to “be confused” since “the real discussion is with those who want to take away rights” from the workers.

“They make us discuss among ourselves. They are all aware of what we say about each other,” he said about the existing inmates within the FdT.

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