This Monday, July 24, the pre-candidate for head of Government of the city of Buenos Aires for United Republicans, Roberto Garcia Moritanintroduced the lawyer Fernando Burlando like your future Minister of Justice and Security in case of winning the city.

Before the announcement, the pre-candidate said “it is a pride that Fernando has joined this project, because he is a person who worked in causes relevant to Argentine society and many times defended victims or families who needed justice in their lives without charge”. Pampita’s husband continued, “I know him personally and now politics has found us. He is a player that I would always like to have on my team because he is overqualified to occupy the position of minister of Justice and Security of our beloved City of Buenos Aires”, assured García Moritán.

On the other hand, García Moritán added to Simán Menem Gazelleniece of former President Carlos Menem, to her team as Buenos Aires Minister of Health. Menem is a doctor specializing in endocrinology, metabolism and nuclear medicine.

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Last week Garcia Moritan was the center of a proposal that caused controversy because, for the second time, he mentioned pulling down the building of the Ministry of Social Development to end the protests and the pickets.

“We are going to put an end to the pickets, the encampments and the violence. In the middle of the city there is a eyesore that only generates chaos, conflict and anarchy. This 2023 let’s put order to guarantee freedom in the City of Buenos Aires. We Buenos Aires deserve to live better,” García Moritán wrote on social networks.