“I killed herconfessed Fernando Coronel, partner of Karina Bustos, at the beginning of the trial for the femicide of the 49-year-old woman who was thrown in a drawer in a dump in Villa Martínez in the city of Córdoba, on May 12, 2020.

The statement was given this Monday in the Sixth Crime Chamber. The case moved since his body was found almost completely burned. The only defendant is his partner, Fernando Coronel, accused of homicide qualified by the bond and for mediating gender violence, and for calamitous theft in a royal contest.

Colonel assured that “I had no reason to kill her” Y it was an accident “I swear on my life that it was an accident. I blame drug use, if I hadn’t used that day that would never have happened.”

The accused assured that he grabbed Karina by the neck and thus caused her death. “I am ashamed of what I did, that person was not me, it was macabre”, held. Colonel has been under arrest since the body was found. For the prosecutor, the story was not consistent from the beginning.

What is Colonel looking for with his statement?

It is believed that the objective of the declaration would be to seek a change of cover, to say to go from doubly aggravated homicides to culpable homicide, which has much less punishment.

How is the trial going?

It will be a popular jury trial that will determine the guilt or not of the accused. The tribunal is made up of Pablo Brandán Molina, Esteban Díaz Reyna, and Enrique Rodolfo Buteler. The Chamber prosecutor is Martín Norberto Berger.

Photos: Multimedia SRT/ Jorge Vasalo.