Channel C’s screen does not stop being renewed, and in August it adds “Turco at noon” to its grid, the program hosted by the renowned journalist Fernando “Turco” Genesir who seeks to tell reality in a different way.

“I want to offer people a different option to get information, a space to debate about the reality that we live in Córdoba and the country”, emphasizes the “Turco” Genesir.

The former host of Ida y Vuelta, flagship program of Channel C, will be the head of a daily live program that will be broadcast from Monday to Friday at 12 noon. It will also be broadcast in 62 locations in the Province of Córdoba.

“I am very happy to be part of the Canal C family. I was one of the pioneers of the signal when I hosted Ida y Vuelta with Pato Fernández. At that time we also thought of a different program than what was on local TV and that is the purpose of “Turco al midday”. We thought of a different program that brings us closer to the people and their interests”, adds Genesir.

Along with Genesir will be Joel Albarrán and Belén Dalmazzo. There will also be live mobiles, entertainment and sports segments, messages from viewers, sweepstakes, and much more.