After the strong controversy in the provincial elections for governor and various disputes regarding the provisional count, the final scrutiny of the elections for governor of Cordoba finally could come to an end in the day of this Tuesday. The Electoral Tribunal finished consolidating 7,744 voting records this Monday, which means that the official scrutiny, in six days, already validated 85.54% of the official forms of the provincial election on Sunday, June 25.

The Justice of Córdoba carried out the official vote count on Sunday from 9 to 13 and reached 61.26% of consolidated records (5,551 of a total of 9,060). Then, on Monday, 7,744 voting records were reached. From the Justice they consider that, at this rate, the scrutiny, which only needs to review 1,316 minutes, could be finished this Tuesday. If so, the official announcement and proclamation of the new authorities would be made on Wednesday.

Although the courts maintain secrecy about the provisional results, many of those present, some of whom were witnesses to the counting at the polling stations, assure that there would be no major changes in what was provisionally counted on the day of the vote. In this sense, the real expectations at this time are focused on the occupation of the legislature, especially regarding the possibility that García Elorrio’s party, Encuentro Vecinal, may or may not occupy one more seat. It is also at stake who will remain with the majority of the Court of Accounts.