This Monday the first part of the presidential race officially began before the PASO (Primaries, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory) on August 13: with some surprises and reproaches, on Saturday the lists of pre-candidates officially closed. Against this background, the week began with expectations regarding the financial markets and internal and external confidence in a negotiator Sergio Massa in the midst of the debt that the country maintains with the IMF and the search for foreign investment in the country.

The dollar began the last week of the month with a slight rise of just $1 compared to Friday’s close. while in Cordova the informal currency trades at $500 for sale and $492 for purchasein the city ​​porteña opened to $495 for sale and $490 for purchase.

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On the other hand, Argentine bonds on Wall Street rise up to 3% after the nomination of the Minister of Economy. It should be remembered that the Argentine bonds extended the increases in recent weeks and last Thursday the country risk achieved a drop of 91 units, which placed it at 2216 points. In addition, the Argentine ADRs in New York open higher in the first reaction of the market after the closing of lists. It should be remembered that ADRs are Instruments that allow you to buy and sell on the United States stock market shares of companies located outside the North American countryof which many Argentine companies currently depend on them.

Within this framework, the current Minister of Economy and pro-government candidate Sergio Massa called a meeting that took place this Monday morning at the Palacio de Hacienda to begin defining the first steps of his internal presidential campaign within Union for the Fatherland. In addition, the last days are passing before a new maturity of the debt before the IMF.

The Secretary of Agriculture, Juan José Bahillo, indicated after the meeting that the first campaign proposal slipped with the possibility of evaluating a new withholding scheme for exports. “We cannot resent the income from the State accounts. He has asked me to wait to advance in this analysis but he is willing to analyze a proposal “the official maintained. To read more about the meeting click on this link.