Another video appeared, a recording of August 28, where the man is seen observing how she moves among the militants.

Justice detected through a video that Fernando André Sabag Montiel, the man who wanted to assassinate Vice President Cristina Fernández, could have been days before the assassination attempt in the vicinity of the former president’s house, observing how the demonstrations unfolded support.

It is a video from the night of August 28, four days before the attack against the Vice President, where a man is seen who, away from the scene, seems to observe how the former president moves among the militants who had come to demonstrate your support.

The man, located behind the demonstrators who seek to approach the former president, would be Sabag Montiel who, four days later, would try to assassinate the Vice President by shooting her in the forehead with a weapon.

The video is part of the evidence that federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti and prosecutor Carlos Rívolo have and would support the hypothesis that the attacker carried out intelligence tasks prior to the assassination attempt, facts for which he has been imprisoned since 1 of September.

The Télam agency detailed on Wednesday that this hypothesis had been strengthened in the last few hours after the appearance of a dozen images of a snowflake cart in the vicinity of the home of Vice President Fernández de Kirchner in the days prior to the attack. .

It happens that Brenda Uliarte, the partner of the attacker Sabag Montiel, used to work selling snowflakes, as she stated in an interview granted to the Telefé channel, in which she also introduced a group of supposed co-workers with whom shared the business.

Télam was able to access this Thursday a series of images that are already in the hands of the investigators and that show the presence of the cart a few meters from the former president’s house from the day after the request for conviction by prosecutor Diego Luciani , in the framework of the Vialidad cause, just when the demonstrations in support of Fernández de Kirchner began.

Source: Telam