Finally, the Government will launch the third edition of the Previaje program, and although the date has not yet been confirmed, it has been defined that it will be applied after the winter holidays, during the second part of the year, in the medium and low season. That is, between August and November or December 2022.

The mechanism, which returns 50% of what is spent on tourism in credit (and 70% in the case of PAMI retirees), will be exactly the same as before: a preloaded card will be used, and the return will be the same, in all destinations in the country, with a return limit of 100,000 pesos, to be reused in sector services (accommodation, transportation -air, land and sea/river-, travel agency services, car rental, museums, spas , artistic and/or cinematographic shows, restaurants, among others).

“The idea is that people travel at a time of year that is not so common and extend the time of work in destinations,” they said from the Ministry of Tourism.