The Secretary of Climate Risk Management, Catastrophes and Civil Protection of the province reported in the afternoon that the fire that broke out in Tala Cañada is 90% contained. They also indicated that the 31 people who had to be evacuated have already returned to their homes. homes.

Secretary Claudio Vignetta told Cadena 3 that “They worked hard throughout the night and the fire that entered the town was contained”. He also indicated that the 31 evacuees have already returned to their homes and that traffic on Route 28 has been restored.

“Yesterday at 7:00 p.m. I authorized everyone to return to their homes. They are all well, work is being done to return the water and they are already being assisted by the province, Epec and the Ministry of Social Development so that they can soon recover everything,” the official assured.

He also reported that the Permanent Fund for Disaster Response has already been activated, which provides subsidies for the repair of damage to movable and immovable property caused by climatic events.

Font: Ministry of Government and Security and Chain 3

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