With the aim of continuing to promote new habits of conscious consumption and respect for the environment, the Municipality convenes the First Circular Fashion Fair.

The fair will take place on September 9 and 10 in the Plaza de la Intendencia. In this way, the Municipality, through the Secretariat for Social Policies, Inclusion and Coexistence, renews its commitment to the environment, sustainability and circular economies.

In the first Circular Fashion Fair there will be projects mainly linked to the textile sector (production, sale or resale) that work with the concept of circularity as an axis or part of them.

In addition, the fair will provide services such as the Map of Menders that will be available to the general public to fix their own disused garments or alter those exhibited at the fair itself, thus promoting the opportunity to sell the ventures and integrating the public to recover these trades. that are undervalued.

The call, open to all the residents of the city, will give priority to the workers of the Walks of the Popular Economy, registered in the Municipality of Córdoba. The invitation is extended to local brands and designers. It should be noted that from the Department of Social Economy, the municipality works training those who make up the 54 Paseos in the city.

Thus, it seeks to promote instances of exchange, training, production of knowledge and skills on circular fashion with workers and fair workers of the Social and Popular Economy.

Capacitar gives workers the opportunity to have greater economic independence and enhances the quality and visibility of their products and services.

Circular Fashion seeks to contribute to caring for the environment. The fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world, taking into account the use of water for its production, the volume of waste it generates and the carbon emissions that contribute to climate change and global warming.

The first Circular Fashion Fair will also be a social space, designed for young people, adults and their families to share a moment of relaxation

The City of Córdoba continues to work to position itself as a benchmark in sustainable and ecological policies and to promote workers in the social and popular economy.