Hair loss can be caused by multiple factors that will determine the appropriate treatment to combat it.

Here we tell you what are the factors that cause its fall and how we can combat them:


Another factor behind hair loss is stress and anxiety. Stress can cause abnormal hair loss and even paralyze its growth. Its symptoms are excessive hair loss. Experts recommend treating this fall with hair products that help growth. On the other hand it is important to solve the problem that causes the stress.

seasonal fall

In spring and above all, fall, it is common for the hair to fall out more. Experts say that it is a hair renewal process. However, it is a process that should not last more than 3 months and in which hair density should not be lost. This problem will resolve itself, but you can turn to a dermatology professional if you prefer.

Autoimmune diseases

Some diseases can cause hair loss, the most common are alopecia areata, lupus and frontal fibrosing alopecia. Being able to identify some signs such as heavy hair loss and immediately turning to a specialist is the first step to solving the problem, the doctor will tell you what the most appropriate treatment will be.

The aging

This phenomenon is known as senescent alopecia, and is directly related to age. Hair, like skin, ages over the years, becoming finer and more brittle. Revitalizing treatments such as hair mesotherapy help give it more density before it falls out.

The genetic

One of the factors that most influences hair loss in men is genetics. Experts say that the main cause of hair loss in men is called androgenetic alopecia, which affects up to 75% of men at some point in their lives. One of the most effective solutions to treat alopecia is minoxidil, a lotion that has a preventive function and, above all, is a decelerator. It is important to consult a specialist before starting any treatment.