Cuisine is synonymous with cultural and creative expression. In Córdoba, the gastronomic route is very wide, however, among them certain places can be highlighted for their “signature cuisine”.

Signature cuisine is a perfect representation of the gastronomic trend. This type of cuisine is based on the creation of dishes based on the creativity and experience of the chef. It is a kitchen that shows great traits of personality and innovation, and where the seal of identity plays a crucial role.6

These restaurants highlight both the products and the culinary techniques that result in the creation of innovative dishes that combine different colors, textures and flavors. The sum of these elements manages to turn a lunch or dinner into a gastronomic experience in which the five senses of the diners are put on alert.

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Here we tell you about 5 places where you will be able to enjoy these dishes:

The parrot. El Papagayo is under the command of chef Javier Rodríguez. It is a luxurious restaurant located in a narrow place with a unique industrial design offering creative dishes. Reservations at (0351) 425-8689. Address: Arturo M. Bas 69.

Ida Restaurant. Chef Julio Figueroa is in charge of making these unique dishes thanks to his vision of world cuisine that he possesses, leading us to travel through various cultures of the world. Telephone (0351) 152-003499. Address: Gauss 5381.

Saint Honor. It is an emblem of Cordovan gastronomy, it has been in the gastronomic market for more than 20 years. Reservations at (0351) 453-5252. Address: 25 de Mayo and Pringles.

Standard 69. This is the second restaurant of the chef of El Papagayo. It offers high-level tapas in its two directions. Reservations at (0351) 157-71-9507 and 157-077780. Address: Achával Rodríguez 244 and Zanón 9107, Villa Warcalde.

cartof. Chef Dante Aparicio shines with dishes from around the world offering a variety of exotic dishes that combine flavors, colors and textures. Telephone (0351) 158-588027. Address: Located at Gauss 5939.