Retiree’s Day is celebrated every September 20 in our country. The date recognizes retired men and women, also known as passive workers, who stopped working due to their age.

Here are some applications that can be very useful, since they grant autonomy, are useful for daily life or provide some type of entertainment.

Service Apps


The PAME chatbot allows members to access information on social work services and benefits from their cell phone 24 hours a day. It is a virtual assistant that will be at the service of affiliated people to answer queries through the WhatsApp application.

By simply scheduling the number 11-43703138 as a contact on their telephone device, interested persons will have the possibility of accessing the data of the doctors and general practitioners, downloading the new medical card, or knowing what the requirements are for making requests for benefits. and medical supplies, among other consultations. You must have the WhatsApp application installed on your cell phone.


It is the ANSES mobile application that allows you to carry out procedures or queries from your cell phone or tablet easily and safely. For start using my ANSES, you only need your CUIL and Social Security Password that you can process with your DNI from the same application. You will be able to consult payment dates, place and other useful information about your retirement. In addition, other issues such as the social claw, loans for retirees, among others, can be processed. The app is available on Playstore

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Running Apps


It is a launcher that, when installed and activated, changes the appearance of the phone by applying a personalization layer specially designed for older people. Icons, letters, and buttons will be larger and easier to use, making the cell phone a more user-friendly tool. The app is available on Playstore

Simple Senior Phone

Like Wiser, it turns the mobile into a slightly more basic and intuitive version to use it for calls, messages, calculator, camera, among others. It also has two buttons that can be configured for SOS and LOCATE, which send your location and request for help to the contacts that have been configured as “caregivers”. The app is available on Playstore.

entertainment apps

Memory games

The name of the app is a summary of what it offers. Games to improve attention, concentration and memory. Brain training are logical games to train memory and attention. While playing the game you not only have fun, but also gradually improve your memory, attention and concentration. The app is available on Playstore and has 21 logic games to train.