In the midst of a new scandal over his alleged marital crisis with Wanda Nara, it was learned that Mauro Icardi will not be taken into account by Cristophe Galtier, the new PSG coach. And in Intruders, Flor de la V and his team, accompanied by Darío D’Amore and Matías Palacios, discussed the subject and the blonde did not like it at all.

“I’m working in Paris. They just sent me what Flor said, which obviously has less football than For you, Mauro is not released, he has two more years on his contract. To release a player they would have to pay a boatload of money, I think that situation would not be,” said the media in a message sent to the journalist Maite Peñoñori. And she assured that this “usually happens when the club changes coaches” and that her husband and father of her daughters Francesca and Isabella have many proposals from other teams.

“Mauro is defining what he is going to do. He can stay calmly in this club, because he has two years left on his contract. But he is not separated, the club simply has other demands and they know that we are listening to other offers,” he added. And he concluded: “I love that you ask me because there are many ignorant people like Flor, who speak without knowing.”

In the face of criticism, De la V went out to the intersection and fired with heavy ammunition. “I know that he has the possibility to choose and that he has millions, look, I’m ignorant, but sportingly I don’t know if it’s good that your husband is on the bench or playing with a smaller team than Messi’s,” he began.

And he made reference to one of Nara’s latest scandals: “Since you’re watching, I’d like to ask you about Carmen -the former domestic worker who publicly denounced the media for abandonment and non-payment-. Is it true what happened to your mother who took the phone from him? Can you answer that for me? I thank you.”