Nico Occhiato called his ex on his radio show, Nobody says anything, to ask if his new song was for him, and a very funny crossover was made.

A little over a year after separating, the artist released her new single “Una en un Millon”. “Always ready for you. Look for a Fiat 600 and you had a Ferrari… Neither beauty nor beast, you were a tall cat. I’m not Cinderella, I don’t want your shoe,” say some of the song’s hottest phrases.

The funny crossing between the exes

Nico Occhiato: -I’m calling to demystify, because everyone here says that you wrote the song for me.

Flor Vigna: -And what do you think? Flor Vigna responded sharply.

Occhiato: -No, I think not. I never asked you for the location. I don’t have a Ferrari. I don’t have a sister-in-law, Occhiato replied somewhat awkwardly.

Vigna: -I like that you know the lyrics, wow!, the young woman replied, revealing that her ex had learned her song

Quickly, Nati Jota shouted into the air: -Let go, ball…!

Nico Occhiato: – It’s not the issue for me, right?, he asked again.

Finally, Vigna replied: No, the topic is not for you, there are phrases that could easily enter

Nico Occhiato: -As which?

Flor Vigna: For example, neither beauty nor beast, you were a tall cat.

To which the studio burst into laughter and applause at the singer’s response.