The actress Florencia Peña was once again a trend in the last few hours. The truth is that since she premiered her program “La pu * @ ama” she has not stopped raining down criticism. However, in an interview with Sebastián Soldano, the driver was encouraged to say that she was sexually abused when she was a minor by a supposedly well-known actor, although she did not want to name names.

He touched me, he touched my tits, down. She told me ‘oh, how cute’ and she touched me. That way we were about to enter the scene or we were leaving the stage. And when I started looking back, I was like, ‘My God, what was that? That abuse was repeated every day while I went to the theater. It wasn’t a one time abuse” Peña confessed in a note.

The actress did not want to give more details of the aberrant fact and concluded: I don’t give the name because he is a very famous actor and I feel that he is already grown up. He is already there, I feel that the subject is going to be diverted and that the important thing is to be able to transmit my experience so that it does not happen to other women “.