In 13 days of July, essential foods suffered a rise of 8.65%, raising the cost of the Basic Food Basket by 3.96%. The data comes from a report prepared by the Department of Statistics and Trends of the Grocers Center.

The detail shows that consumers will have to pay $2,152 more for the products of the Basic Food Basket compared to June 30.

At the same time, from the Grocers Center, they expressed the situation that local businesses are going through, which are the last link in the marketing chain.

“They must suffer these days: restriction on delivery of merchandise, daily increases, shortages (mainly oil, sugar, flour, yerba)”, they mentioned.

The products that increased the most were dry noodles (31.72%), followed by grating cheese (29.23%), wheat flour (25.38%), jam (24.91%) and concentrated broth in cubes (24.47%) .

Other products that increased the most were sugar, sweet cookies, sunflower oil, ground coffee, crackers and pork.