The Córdoba Grocers Center periodically surveys the prices and costs of retail stores in the province. On this occasion, Vanesa Ruiz, general manager of the Grocers Center, spoke with Radio de Villa María and indicated that the Basic Food Basket in the province exceeded $100,000. At the same time, she showed her concern for the changes in consumption habits of families.

According to Almaceneros, the price of the Basic Basket is $108,000. Ruiz highlighted that “There was a 28.53% increase in food. The families implemented the choice of second brands a long time ago, that in 100% of the homes”.

“Families buy what they can afford, 500 or 600 pesos of ground meat, for example. No father or mother chooses to offer a cup of tea to the detriment of a glass of milk, the first thing that is done is to select the milk. Today offering a coffee with milk is a luxury. Today milk is stretched with tea”, lamented the referent. “Essential nutrients tied to the cost of products are being lost,” she concluded.

Last week, the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses published the inflation for the month of April: in the fourth month, consumer prices rose an average of 6%. So far this year, prices have already increased by 23.1% and year-on-year, by 58%.

Source: with information from Radio Villa María